Lead wire production

Our company has the necessary equipment required for wire production, the pressing and pulling machines. Amongst our customers we have many big ammunition manufacturers to whom we provide alloy and non-alloy lead wires for bullets. We produce 0,8 – 10mm diameter lead wires and, while the thicker wires are used by the arms manufacturer, the thinner wires are used by our partners producing fishing tackle.

For individual requests we can produce our lead alloy with antimony thus making the wire stiffer.

The lead wires go through a stamping phase where, with our high-pressure machines, we finalize the wires in accordance with customer standards.  After manufacturing, the product is wound to plastic spools, wooden spools, placed on pallet in rolls or placed in cardboard to avoid any damage during transportation. The thinner wires, similar to the soft solder wires, are manufactured with the pressing machines.  Subsequently, they are wound onto smaller plastic spools and made ready for transportation.


  • Pb99.97
  • Pb99.985
  • PbSb09
  • PbSb1,5
  • PbSb2
  • PbSb3

For all our products we issue quality certificates, which not only includes the physical parameters of the products but provides a chemical composition. In this way, we are able to provide all quality assurances.

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