We produce wires with different compounds both in solid form and with flux. Our products are in accordance with the given standards or tailored to customers’ particular needs. In our orders we always check our customers’ individual demands and we are committed to them while producing wires. We make the wire in our foundry by pulling and pressing. The manufactured wires can be semi or finished products. We produce the according to customer demand between 0,8 mm and 10 mm. After manufacturing, the product is wound to iron or wooden spool at customer’s request. We then place them on the market or give them to our customers. Packings for the products can be the followings:

  • in roll (ca. 15 kg)
  • on iron spool (80 kg), on wooden spool (75 kg), on plastic spool (0,25 kg – 14 kg depending on product)
  • at special request (e.g. in paper barrel)
  • in small quantity, measured

The use of the wires depends on the manufactured products and on their diameters. We make wires in excellent quality, which are suitable for every field of use.

Based on our several years of experience we can guarantee to our customers to produce lead wires in excellent quality.

We also offer to manufacture wires with flux with the following parameters:
Ammonium-chloride flux:  this material has strong cleansing effect, and with good oxide and sulphide solvent action. Can be removed with warn water.
Urea flux: strongly corrosive organic flux with excellent cleansing action. What is remained, can be removed by water.
Resin flux: Organic, activated by halogens, good flowing characteristic, under normal circumstances it is corrosion-free. What is remained, can be removed by alcohol.
A-17 flux: Halogen-free flux, it leaves no remains.
Al-10 flux:  A-10 flux is very suitable for soldering aluminium parts (e.g. producing lamps, solar cells)

If you have any questions regarding the production of wires, do not hesitate to contact us. Our colleagues will answer all your questions.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.