Metalloglobus Fémöntő és Kereskedelmi Kft. has its own laboratory. We make laboratory testing with up-to-date tools and equipment. During laboratory testing we analyze the components of the product with spectrometer and furthermore with wet method by using the possibility given by electrolysis. We analyze the components of the products to satisfy customers’ needs and the quality standards. The spectrometer works on the basis of the principle of refraction and spectrum analysis. It very precisely gives the ratio of those elements in the alloy which are particularly important in the given case. We provide appropriate documentation to the examination which is requested by the customer in the form of certified material test report or quality certificate. We also offer to examine the composition of different alloys or wave solder baths with high accuracy in our laboratory, either for a purpose of cleaning baths or checking refilling content.

The following materials can be examined at our company:

Tin (Sn)

Lead (Pb)

Silver (Ag)

Bismuth (Bi)

Cadmium (Cd)

Zinc (Zn)

Arsenic (As)

Iron (Fe)

Copper (Cu)

Aluminium (Al)

Antimony (Sb)

Nickel (Ni)

We make the examination for the materials given below with etalon.

Our company is one of those few large-scale factories who are committed to environmental protection. We adjust our work to it. We have official and environmental permissions and certificates needed for collection of metals.

It is worth to make laboratory tests in our laboratory. Choose us for the following reasons.

We have:

  • several years of experience
  • own laboratory equipped with modern technology

We offer:

  • analysis of our own or given products
  • unique process with spectrometer
  • quick and accurate laboratory tests

If you have any questions regarding laboratory tests, do not hesitate to contact us. Our colleagues will answer all your questions.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.