Our company has the technological know-how to manufacture tin and lead alloys. We installed gas heated furnaces in accordance with all relevant work safety and environmental regulations.

In our furnaces we can melt 3000-5000kg metals (dependent on the component of the materials). We heat up the furnaces up to 450-500°C, then the melted materials are placed into different ingot moulds depending on the work phase or customer request. The alloys can then proceed as semi-manufactured products back to our production or as manufactured good to the customer. At the end of the process we carry out a chemical analysis in our laboratory.

In addition, we have furnaces with higher heating capacity and graphite melting pots for smaller casting work.


  • In case of the replacment soldering tin baths, the purchase of tin and refilling of the soldering bath
  • Tin solder alloy blocks for powder manufacturing
  • Different soft solder alloys
  • Tin-lead alloys for future production or in casting mould
  • White metal alloys
  • Soldering sticks
  • Lead alloys with different shape and chemical component (eg.: lead pigs)
  • Keels, counterweights

We are also happy to help with more complex and difficult projects.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.