Low melting point metals

Melting points:

Low-melting metals are such alloys that are melting under 200°C (including eutectic or non-eutectic alloys). In case of alloys, low melting point can be reached by high bismuth content, we usually add lead, tin and zinc or rare metals to alloys as an alloy component. Due to the low melting point and excellent flowing, these metals can be used more widely than traditional tin-lead alloys. Often when or during production of:

  • soldering on low temperature
  • safety thermal releases
  • insulation in case of radiotherapy
  • bending pipes
  • lens blockers
  • modeling or moulding figures
  • creating pieces of art
  • as a substitution of mercury in some fields

Group by melting point:

Symbol Melting point (°C) Misc.
OP70  70+-3 Recommended for bending pipes
OP80 80+-4
OP85  85+-4
OP90  90+-4
OP95  95+-5 Rose-metal
OP103  103+-5
OP105 105+-5
OP110 110+-6
OP115 115+-6
OP120 120+-6 for bending pipes over 2,5 inch of diameter
OP125  125+-6
OP130 130+-6
OP140 (138) 140+-7 does not contain cadmium
OP145  145+-7
OP150 150+-7
OP155  155+-8
OP165 165+-8
OP175  175+-8
OP180 180+-8
 OP183 185+-8 Sn63Pb37 soldering material
OP200 200+-8

Available in:

  • small block (kb. 20 dkg)
  • block
  • in case of OP183 (Sn63Pb37) rod, block, solid wire

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